SRP (Grades 6 – 12)

Join Us All Summer Long!

How Does It Work?

Complete a challenge to cross if off your bingo board. Get 5 in a row — down, across, or diagonally — to get a prize!  There are 12 possible bingos per board.

What's the Prize?

Starting June 26, there will be a prize box in the YA room. For each bingo, you get to choose 1 prize from the box.

Anything Else?

You can complete as many bingo cards as you'd like until September 1. Anna will always have more on their desk and you can download/print a PDF version here.


Monday, June 24
All Day

Stop in to register for the summer reading program!

Wednesday, June 28
3:00 PM

Decorate a flower pot and plant some seeds!

Wednesday, July 5
3:00 PM

Relax and practice some self care through art!

Wednesday, July 12
3:00 PM

Make some kindness tocks to keep and share!

Wednesday, July 19
3:00 PM

Get ready for some board games and MarioKart!

Wednesday, July 26
3:00 PM

Taste and rank some snacks from around the world!

Wednesday, August 2
3:00 PM

Make your very own zine & swap with friends!

Wednesday, August 9
3:00 PM

It's high stakes for this wrap-up party — can you escape?