Cassandra Mayo

Whimsical Nature

Exhibit Location: McDade Gallery

Notes: Cassandra’s artwork is for sale.  Please stop by the reference desk for more information.

About Cassandra and Her Work

I'm a born-and-raised Mainer, artist, designer, and aspiring gardener with a love of beautiful things. Flowers, plants, mushrooms, are all some of my favorite subject matter because there's so many varieties, colors, shapes and forms that they take on so they're always fun to draw and paint for me. 

My inspiration for this series comes from the natural world and is portrayed with a view from the ground up, albeit somewhat exaggerated, but with playfulness and wonder. It depicts some of the smaller organisms you'll find perhaps unexpectedly within it; mainly fungi. These little guys grow from the ground, the trees, other organisms throughout the land, and they can range in color, shape, form and stature. Each piece in this series is meant to provoke the imagination with an unknown colorful, natural world. 

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