Category: Library of Things

Memory Card Readers

Transfer files between memory cards of many different formats and your computer via a standard USB cord. Check on availability here.

Rigol Digital Oscilloscope

An oscilloscope lets you see changes in signal voltage. This digital device shows a graphic readout with advanced display and analysis capabilities. Check on availability here.

Kill-A-Watt Energy Meter

The Kill-A-Watt meter monitors the energy use of devices to help cut down electric bills by displaying the kilowatt per hour any device uses. The Kill-A-Watt also calculates voltage, line frequency, current, and power...

Hominin Skull Kit for Educators

Originally created by The Human Origins Project from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, this kit may be checked out by a professional educator, administrator or librarian, for use in classroom instruction and...

Birdwatching Backpack

Get out to find some birds with this backpack kit, which includes a pair of 10×42 Rivmount binoculars, a bird field guide, and a birdsong identification guide. Check on availability here.

Cornerstones of Science: Night Sky Viewing Pack

This backpack kit from Cornerstones of Science comes with everything you need for a night of family stargazing: binoculars, a constellation guide, and kid-friendly books about the night sky. Check on availability here.

Digital Microscopes

Thanks to the Maine Charity Fund of the Maine Community Foundation, digital microscopes are available. Requires installing software, which allows you to take pictures and videos! A box of fun things to examine such as...

T-Mobile Wifi Hotspots

These portable hotspots provide Wifi access that you can connect to using your phone, tablet, or computer, anywhere that cell signal is received. Check on availability here.