Coral Ouellette

Slices of Maine

Exhibit Location: Lecture Hall Gallery

Meet the Artist:  Thursday, April 11  |  6:00-7:00 pm

Notes: Coral’s paintings are for sale. Please stop by the reference desk for more information.

About Coral

After a number of years working as a graphic designer, Coral decided it was time to push herself in the area of art and started attending adult art education classes at the local high school. There she found an enormous amount of encouragement from friends, the instructor and the students who attended the classes.

Retired, after working in both the military and civilian world, and with help from the GI Bill earned from the military, she decided to pursue a life-long dream of obtaining a degree in fine art.

This gave her the opportunity to immerse herself totally in all aspects of art. As a non-traditional student, at the age of 57 she enrolled at the University of Maine.  Coral completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the age of 62 in 2019. She enjoyed the challenge of this long forgotten environment as well as the exposure to new processes, methods and mediums which she endeavors to use in the creation of her art.

Coral takes comfort in an environment that weighs heavy in organization no doubt partially due to the military. “Clutter generally knocks my creative spirit off the rails”. Although Coral leans more towards realism, she is not above an occasional foray into the carnival that requires abandonment of strict guidelines. Throwing the rules aside and immersing herself entirely in mark making using different methods/tools.

She endeavors to continue developing art in her chosen medium of oils.  A body of work that continues to be “Maine” themed in nature. Coastal, inland, flora and fauna comprise much of the subject matter she chooses to paint. Having lived in Maine for most of her life she continues to find beauty from the mountains to the sea and in the daily workings of Maine communities.

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