CW Hunt

Mostly Photographs of Maine

Exhibit Location: Cyr Gallery

Special Event: Meet the artist on Tuesday, June 4, 6-7pm.

Notes: Charles' artwork is for sale. Please stop by the reference desk for more information.

About C.W. and His Work

W. Hunt is passionate about taking photos. He enjoys capturing the life of the moment in his beautifully balanced images. C. W. Hunt is a natural photographer, gifted with a great eye. This was discovered on a school field trip when of all the student photos, his were deemed the best. It was a surprise since C. W. Hunt, or Charlie, is autistic. Many other school activities were difficult. But not taking pictures. This came naturally. It is a gift that he continuously works to refine. It is his life's work. He is thrilled to share his photographic images with the public.

C.W. Hunt’s original photographic images are captured with a variety of digital cameras he has acquired over the years. C.W. is gifted with a natural ability to “frame” a well-balanced photo. Other photographers often look at his work and comment on his almost perfect use of the “rule of thirds.” In the day and age of Photoshop, aside from occasional mild tweaks, C.W. Hunt does not rework his images with photoshop.

C.W. Hunt lives in Maine, close to Acadia National Park where people travel from all over the world to photograph the spectacular beauty of nature. The state of Maine provides endless opportunities for photo shoots. He loves to roam around with his camera taking pictures. He also loves to travel in Maine and to other states for the opportunity to photograph new and different subjects.


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