Daryne Rockett

Up Close and In Color

Exhibit Location: Stairwell Gallery

Special Event: Daryne will host a Gelli printmaking workshop on Friday, June 14, 12-2 pm. Click here for more information.

Notes: Daryne’s paintings are for sale. Please stop by the reference desk for more information.

About Daryne and Her Work

Daryne Rockett is a self-taught, mixed-media artist working and residing in Orono.  She began her foray into visual arts after sustaining a brain injury while playing roller derby In 2014.  Prior to the injury, Daryne was regularly involved in the performing arts as a harper, songwriter, and singer with an undergraduate degree in theater, but she had very little experience with visual art. In the first 18 months after the accident, she found it too difficult to make music or be in the settings where she used to play. Longing for a way to pass the time that would help facilitate rather than prevent her healing, she began “doodling” small mandalas on 3-1/2” square pieces of paper in black ink and then brightly coloring the works with magic markers.

The symmetry and repetition of patterns were a balm to Daryne’s foggy brain. As her healing progressed, she found enjoyment in larger formats and other mediums. What began as an internal therapeutic experience evolved into an outward expression of deep feelings and complex beliefs.  She has since brought the process of art-making into community settings with veterans, healthcare providers, and social justice advocates to create collaborative works both large and small.  Her solo and communal works have been exhibited from the Maine Statehouse in Augusta, Maine to the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

“My paintings are a means of healing my brain, my relationships, and my heart.  The meditative process of repeating words and patterns becomes the foundation of each piece, providing depth while reflecting the multiplicity of my connections to and understanding of each subject.  Each work is an expression of gratitude for the generosity of our community and our planet, with compassion and heartfelt joy for their contributions to our interwoven lives.”

Visit Daryne’s website. Or, follow Daryne on Instagram and Facebook @DoodleRexArtist

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