Deborah Bergman


Exhibit Location: McDade Gallery

Notes: Deborah’s paintings are for sale. Please stop by the reference desk for more information.

About Deborah and Her Work

I grew up in Long Island, New York, and have lived in the south, midwest, and now in Maine for over 20 years. I’ve traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. My first career was as a certified nurse-midwife and I cared for thousands of women during their child-bearing years and delivered over a thousand newborns. Next I followed my passion and opened a yarn/weaving/spinning shop and sold fiber and equipment as well as teaching in my studio and at fiber festivals. Now, after a decades long hiatus, I have rediscovered my love for studio art. I like to call this my “Third Chapter.”

I’ve been exploring drawing with graphite, charcoal, conte, Nero, pastels, and India ink. Most recently, I have been painting with acrylics. I love to take an image from everyday life and recreate it so others can see what I see. Who knows where this path will lead, but I’m having a blast following my muse.

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