Erica K. Miller

Orderly Disorder: A Decade Concentration in Drip Painting

Exhibit Location: Lecture Hall Gallery

Meet the Artist:  Thursday, April 11  |  6:00-7:00 pm

Notes: Erica’s paintings are for sale. Please stop by the reference desk for more information.

About Erica

A self-proclaimed artistic rebel, I have always been forwardly drawn to experimentation and abstraction, which led me to be most inspired by artists like Joan Mitchell and Jackson Pollack and their bodies of work. Over the last ten years, I have been maturing techniques of my own, defying brush on canvas, painting with sticks and hardware store acrylics.

It may appear that my work lacks method and structure. But, my work is truly a study of order in disorder. Chaos is defined as disorder and confusion, but in each painting, the same could be said that there is movement, rhythm, precision, fluidity. From the time I started painting, each painting has developed its own sense of orderliness, a new way to organize its chaos.

My exhibit is a concentration and experiment in color combination and dripping technique development over the years. The methods and use of color develop and change as these pieces span over the last 10 years. All are created with a no-touch technique, in which I give control to the movement of the paint and gravity, and with acrylic latex paint.

Biographical Statement

Erica K. Miller, a native of Florida, grew up along the white beaches and emerald waters of Pensacola with a large family, where she took an interest in exploring many artistic mediums and methods from a young age.

She graduated from the University of West Florida, attaining a bachelor’s in creative writing and philosophy and a master's in literature and theory while exploring her creative endeavors in art classes. Professionally, Erica works as a full-time senior content strategist, where she lends her marketing expertise to companies.

She splits her time between creative endeavors. Currently working on a book of poems and a children’s book, she hopes to publish both in 2025. Lately, she devotes much of her time to a new series of paintings, using oils and painting knives, that she intends to be gallery-ready soon. She is most often creatively inspired during her long walks or arduous hikes in nature.   

In July 2023, Erica and her partner, Kaitlyn, relocated from Florida to Hampden, Maine, and are living happily with their pets. 

About the Art, Series, and Process

Orderly Disorder seeks to explore the captivating beauty of chaos. Initially inspired by rhizomatic structures—a concept taken from post-structuralism describing nonlinear networks present in the works of French theorists Deleuze and Guattari—Erica translates her vision of the rhizome onto the canvas. Utilizing hardware store acrylics, sticks, and hardened brushes, she relinquishes control to the dance of paint guided by gravity.

The series unfolds through meticulous gestures of line work, rhythmic patterns, fluid transitions, and bold palettes. Each application of paint captures a moment of the unpredictable choreography of chaos, offering a dynamic interplay between intention and spontaneity. Orderly Disorder offers more than a visual experience; it explores the visual manifestation of disorder. Viewers are invited to meditate on the inherent beauty woven into the intricate tapestry of line work.

As Erica navigates the canvas, deliberate gestures weave together uncontrolled elements, capturing the nuanced nature of unpredictability, fluidity, and rhythm. This convergence gives rise to a captivating visual that transcends conventional artistic boundaries and speaks to the harmonious coexistence of control and unpredictability.

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