Special Collections

Materials deemed rare, unique, and of high value are kept secure in the library’s Special Collections area. Because these items are irreplaceable, they require additional security, and special handling to preserve them as a community resource for future generations. For this reason, numerous books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and other items are marked for “library use only.”

Patrons may gain access to these items by coming to the Bangor Room, where they may either retrieve items directly from the shelves for use, or request items held in our restricted areas. Visitors must register for their use by submitting a valid library card to Local History Department or Reference Department staff. Non-residents of Maine, who do not qualify for a library card may also gain access to these materials by filling out a guest registration form. Special Collections items may only be viewed on-site within the library, and in the presence of a library staff person. Photocopying of materials is permitted unless an item is clearly marked otherwise.

Preservation and conservation information is offered for all who inquire for institutions. Please contact the Local History librarian for details concerning consultations.