Greg Mason Burns

Inspirations of South America

Exhibit Location: McDade Gallery

Notes: Greg’s paintings are for sale. Please stop by the reference desk for more information.

About Greg and His Work

I'm a Mainer, but I developed as an artist while living in Chile and Brazil. The work that I developed in South America has been instrumental in how I approach everything from the representative to the abstract. In particular, this period of my life was dedicated to simplicity and color. This show reflects that period of my work.

These works are a direct reflection of how I felt about my time while living in South America, particularly in Brazil, which is culturally very different from anything I would have experienced having grown up in Bar Harbor and Winter Harbor. In fact, this period continues to influence me as I find myself going back in time to create works from my past using contemporary techniques.

My work has evolved substantially since this period, but these works represent the building blocks of an artist who has grown his work from simple brushstrokes to more advanced perspectives and even into photography.

I mostly used oil, charcoal, and oil pastel to realize these works early on in my career. As my career advanced, I began working with photography in abstract ways by adding the above materials to the printed photos. I also added acrylic to my tools, particularly with regards to murals.



Instagram: @gregmasonburns

Twitter: #gregmasonburns

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