How Do I Get a Library Card?

Bangor Public Library cards are free to all Maine residents.

To get yours:

Bring an ID confirming your current mailing address to the 1st floor front desk and fill out the registration form. If your ID doesn’t list your current address, please bring in a document (mail, insurance, lease, etc.) with your name and current mailing address on it.

Bring in your student ID.

Children 13 and under apply on the 3rd floor and need a parent or guardian present to sign the registration form.

Lending Policies:

  • Library books, audio CD books and videos may be checked out for three weeks.
  • If other patrons are waiting for a book, that book generally checks out for two weeks.
  • Adult magazines (including the current issue) check out for one week, but may neither be renewed nor reserved. Children’s magazines check out for three weeks and may be renewed.
  • Items can be renewed if no one is waiting for them, or they can be reserved if checked out to another patron (see below for details).
  • There is a ten item limit on videos per family per visit.

Not in Bangor often? Request your card online here.