Joseph Zowghi

Fancy Bats

Exhibit Location: McDade Gallery

Notes: Joseph’s artwork is not for sale.  Please visit his Zazzle store for more information and to purchase prints. Joseph can also be found on Deviant Art.

About Joe
Joseph Zowghi was born and raised in Maine.  He graduated from the University of Maine with a B.A. in studio art. He currently resides in Bangor.  (And for the curious, Zowghi rhymes with Yogi)

About His Artwork
I focus on bats because, well, bats are awesome.  They’re such fascinating marvels of evolution, and they don’t get enough love in mainstream U.S. culture.  Whether it’s the puppy-dog cuteness of large fruit bats or the otherworldly intricacy on the faces of echo locating micro bats, I’m always drawn to the magnificent aesthetics of these creatures.

As for the style, it’s largely based on my idle doodling.  When I’m bored and not focusing on any particular image or idea, I draw repeating patterns of curves and points, so this is an extension of my instinctual habits.  Also, I’ve been intrigued with the stylized depictions of animals in ancient Mesopotamian and Persian sculpture, from bulls and lions to fantastic beasts like lamassus and manticores.  It’s been a source of inspiration for years.

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