Jules Mogul


Exhibit Location: McDade Gallery

Meet the Artist:  Thursday, April 11  |  6:00-7:00 pm

Notes: Jules’ photographs are for sale.

About Jules and Her Work

Strobe is a collection of flash photography that explores my personal relationship with the unknown. This project was born out of the experience of developing a disability in 2019. Not knowing what any day, week, or month might hold is disorienting and unknown outcomes are frightening. Among these photos are solitary figures, dark landscapes, and stark white silhouettes. There is chaos in criss-crossing branches and illuminated snowflakes. There is stillness in dark, empty voids. Nighttime and nature serve as symbols of the unknown. They are vast and ambiguous, but also beautiful.

Life may present you with a void, but you can choose to see it as a blank canvas. For taking photos, night is a blank canvas in a very practical way. Darkness obscures details, allowing me to choose what to add back in with artificial light. I enjoy the transformative effects of flash. It emits a powerful light that is able to wash out features or highlight things that otherwise wouldn’t have been noticeable. There is always a human gaze present when observing nature and the unnaturalness of flash calls attention to this fact. The brief bursts of light that I cast on a scene are a way of fusing myself with nature, even if just for a moment.

Jules Mogul is an artist from Bangor, Maine currently residing in Orono. She takes photos that are both strange and seasonal, always seeking out interesting things in her explores the ways that humans interact with and are a part of nature. Jules is working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from the University of Maine with a concentration in photography and painting. She had her first dual exhibition entitled The Passage of Time in Portland, Maine in early 2019. In the spring of 2020 she studied abroad at Florence University of the Arts where she discovered a passion for photo walks. She is a recipient of the University of Maine Department of Art High Honors Award.

Jules began taking photos when she received her first camera at thirteen. Her work serves as a diary, documenting herself and her surroundings through a magical lens. She uses ordinary locations and simple tools to create otherworldly images. Jules takes pictures close to home, frequenting local trails, the river, and anywhere with trees. Her work aims to show that there is magic in the ordinary spaces we occupy. 

Visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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