Leslie Moore

Welcome to Grackledom

Exhibit Location: Stairwell Gallery

Special Event: Meet the artist on Tuesday, June 4, 6-7pm.

Notes: Leslie's artwork is for sale. Please stop by the reference desk for more information.

About Leslie and Her Work

I am a printmaker and a poet whose subject is often animals, mostly birds. I call myself an “accidental” bird watcher. I don’t keep life lists, don’t chase rare sightings, don’t own a fancy pair of binoculars—I just pay attention to birds. I walk my dog three times a day in the local park, along rocky shores, on mountain trails, through city streets, and I keep my eyes and ears open. All my animal art rises from chance encounters—the aria of a catbird, the swoop of an osprey, the antics of a crow. Images and impressions lodge in my mind’s eye and ear until I turn them into prints or poems, perhaps both. My work is a celebration of the animals I meet.

My linocuts are influenced by Japanese printmakers, especially Ohara Koson (1877-1945). I don’t use the Japanese multi-woodblock technique (mokuhanga). Instead, I practice the reduction method, cutting a single linoleum block and printing a succession of colors—one after the other, one on top of the other—until the image is finished and the block is reduced to almost nothing. There’s no going back.

My art may be found in book illustrations and cover designs, private collections, at the Local Color Gallery here in Belfast, and in the Wendell Gilley Museum in Southwest Harbor. I am the author/artist of Grackledom (Littoral Books, 2023), What Rough Beasts (Littoral Books, 2021) and winner of the 2018 Maine Literary Award for Short Nonfiction (“The Architecture of a Marriage”). I have published poems and essays in English Journal, Take Heart, The Maine Review, The Catch, Café Review, Balancing Act 2, Deep Water, ArtWord 2021, Wait: Poems from the Pandemic, 3rd Wednesday, Kerning, Tellus Journal (Italy,) Spire: the Maine Journal of Conservation and Sustainability, and Poems from Here (Maine PBS).

I live in Belfast with my husband, Tom, a former Belfast Poet Laureate, and my muse, Rumi, a cockapoo. I work in a printmaking studio in my backyard and may often be found gallery sitting at Local Color.



Local Color Gallery

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