Liz Cutler

Motif and Media

Exhibit Location: Cyr Gallery

Notes: Liz's work is for sale. Please stop by the reference desk for more information.

About Liz and Her Work

I live on Mount Desert Island, alongside Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine: the easternmost national park in the U.S. surrounded by 17 mountains and 4 lakes.  My paintings are inspired by the natural beauty of my area, and there is always something beckoning me to linger.

So many moments of light and dark shapes that entice me to open my easel and paint.  I find such delight in the smaller moments on this spectacular island I call home.

I love to take a painting subject, the motif, and explore the shapes and color relationships with different media, starting with oil paint then printmaking, stained glass mosaic, wool, and then fiber.

Typically the spark is an area of contrast and aren't we all innately attracted to some degree of contrast?
I avoid conflict and tension in life, but have learned that there is a delicious tension, an inherent beauty and balance to including both within my work. I love capturing what transports me to being right there.

My paintings allow me to share and return to some spectacular places.  My go-to medium is oil paint, it is fairly forgiving and allows variations in technique.  At times I take the opportunity to explore a similar motif in fiber, glass, or through printmaking.  I find moving an image through a variety of media informs my painting practice, which keeps me exploring and re-presenting my spaces, both inner and physical.

I am excited to have access to ArtWaves, a fabulous non-profit community arts center campus that I originally founded in my personal studio, which is now located in Bar Harbor, Maine on a 2-acre campus.  My studio remains in the hub of Bar Harbor, atop the original high school, now renamed the Municipal Building.

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