Peg Killian

How I Felt About Bangor

Exhibit Location: Cyr Gallery

Special Event: Meet the artist on Tuesday, June 4, 6-7pm.

Notes: Prints of Peg's work can be ordered. Please stop by the reference desk for more information.

About Her Work

In my artistic practice, I study the intricacies of perception, exploring how we often overlook or assign social value to the elements that shape our daily lives. Residing on lower Ohio Street in Bangor from 2012-2017, an area with a reputation for social challenges, inspired a profound shift in my artistic focus. Inspired by the diverse individuals passing my front porch, I embarked on a photographic documentation of everyday life, capturing both the community's warmth and the struggles of poverty, crime, racism, and loneliness. Transforming these observations into felted dioramas, I aim to draw viewers into an intimate relationship with my subjects, offering a fresh perspective on the complexity of human experience. As an artist, I am committed to challenging perceptions, fostering appreciation for the overlooked, and inviting viewers into a contemplative space that transcends the ordinary.

About Peg

Peg Killian was born and raised in a bar-restaurant-campground her parents owned along the Flambeau River in Northern Wisconsin. Being the only known atheist for miles around (except for her father), with parents who were city-born bartenders in the middle of a sea of conservative, religious farm families, made for some interesting social observations and interactions. 

Killian earned a bachelor’s degree in art at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and then two master’s degrees: one in English (University of Maine) and one in scriptwriting (Bath Spa University), followed by an M.F.A. in Intermedia (UMaine) and now, when not at her day job, works on art, teaches literature and writing, runs the Orono-Bangor Readers’ Theatre group, and enjoys life.


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