2024 Summer Reading Program (Rising 6th-12th Graders)

Join Us All Summer Long!

How Does It Work?

Complete a challenge to cross if off your bingo board. Get 5 in a row — down, across, or diagonally — to get a prize!  There are 12 possible bingos per board and you can get a bonus prize if you complete the entire board.

What's the Prize?

Starting June 24, there will be a prize box in the YA room. For each bingo, you get to choose 1 prize from the box.

Anything Else?

You can complete as many bingo cards as you'd like until August 30th. Anna will always have more on their desk and you can download/print a PDF version here.

Get Wild Each Week!

Get in touch with your wild side this summer with Trisha Smith from Penobscot and Piscataquis 4-H! Create a Nature Notebook to record your observations and activities in the “wild” of your own neighborhood. We'll meet weekly at the library for a hands-on activity to inspire your investigations into and connections with the natural world. Stop in once or join us for the whole series! 

Every Tuesday (June 25th through August 6th) from 3 to 4.


Monday, June 24
All Day

Stop in to register for the summer reading program! (Ok to register later!) 

Wednesday, June 26
3:00 PM

We provide the supplies, you make the worst art you can imagine.

Wednesday, July 3
3:00 PM

Get ready for some board games and Mario Kart in the Teen Room! 

Wednesday, July 10
3:00 PM

Join us in the Teen Room for a relaxing afternoon of painting! Juice and tea will be provided. 

Wednesday, July 17
3:00 PM

Come hang out with Koda the therapy dog!

Wednesday, July 24
3:00 PM

Make your very own zines and swap with friends!

Wednesday, July 31
3:00 PM

Learn basic coding in this race through an obstacle course! 

Wednesday, August 7
3:00 PM

Celebrate the end of Summer Reading on the lawn with us!