The Bangor Public Library is one of the largest public libraries in the state, serving as an Area Reference and Resource Center for northern and eastern Maine. As the third-largest city in Maine, the City of Bangor is a service center for people living in more rural communities in northern and eastern Maine, and the library serves people with diverse experiences and needs.


Effective September 11, 2023

The Bangor Public Library is one of the largest public libraries in the state. The library facility is an iconic downtown landmark with hundreds of new visitors from across the region each day. The library serves people with diverse backgrounds and needs. We need a hard-working, reliable worker for the role of Janitor. This position has two major roles:  Cleaning and Safety.   

The Cleaning role is just normal janitorial duties:  sweeping floors, emptying trash cans, shoveling snow, sanitizing restrooms, and so on.  The Safety role involves keeping an eye out for misbehavior and responding to misbehavior.  Safety work might mean reminding people about rules, telling people to leave the building, or calling police.  There’s also some light maintenance work supervised by the Head of Maintenance.

The starting pay will be between $15.07 and $20.19 per hour, depending on experience. The position comes with benefits including health insurance. The work schedule is 40 hours per week, daytimes, Tuesday through Saturday.  The position is funded for two years starting from the date of hire.

Statement of the Position
The position of Janitor is responsible for facility upkeep, light facility repair work, receiving and processing deliveries, grounds maintenance, library safety patrolling, and response to urgent situations.

Essential Functions:

  • Clean the library facility on a regular basis and in response to urgent needs
  • Perform library safety patrols, monitoring for rules violations and inappropriate behavior; includes safety checks in restrooms
  • Respond to behavioral problems when made aware of the problem
  • Coordinate with police and other first responders as needed
  • Perform light repair and groundskeeping tasks (opening clogged drains, mowing lawns, etc.)
  • Assist the Head of Maintenance with moderate repair tasks
  • Set up and take down furniture and equipment in library event spaces
  • Process deliveries to and from the library
  • Perform related duties, as assigned

Schedule:  This is a 40-hour-per week position and the work week is daytimes, Tuesday through Saturday. Variation from this schedule is rare and typically comes with two weeks of advance notice.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Two years of relevant work experience
  • Able to use basic cleaning and repair tools
  • Generally comfortable using computers – we will provide specific training for any special software or equipment
  • Good at handling most people – we need someone who will be a good colleague, supporting the public-facing work of the library
  • Good at handling difficult people – we need someone who can de-escalate behavioral problems
  • Able to see, hear, and speak; able to sit, squat, stand, reach overhead, and climb up & down ladder and stairs. Able to lift and hold up to sixty pounds.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior work experience in a public library
  • Specific training in de-escalating conflict

To Apply:

1) Write us a note, a couple of paragraphs, saying why you can do all the parts of the job well

2) Attach a resume listing your work or other experience that prepares you for this job

3) Give us the names and contact information for two references (people who know how you’d do at this job)

4) Send the note and the resume to Tina Hustus, Business Manager, at thustus@bangorpubliclibrary.org.