The dedicated staff of the Bangor Public Library will work to ensure you can find what you need. Our phone number is (207) 947-8336. Specific contact information can be found below.

Ben Treat, Director, ext. 138

Holly Williams, Circulation Department Head (ext. 136)
Gary L. Hunter, First Assistant (ext. 135)
Charlene Jewett, Extension Coordinator, Home Deliveries (ext.122)
Emily Bourque, Assistant II Circulation Librarian (ext. 131)
Melissa Jamo, Assistant II Circulation Librarian (ext. 131)
Jocelyn McLean, Assistant II Circulation Librarian (ext.131)
Val Rich, Assistant II Circulation Librarian (ext. 131)
Nancy Waldron, Assistant II Circulation Librarian (ext. 131)

Meg Gray, Head of Reference Services (ext. 129)
Candis Joyce, Adult Programming & Exhibits Coordinator (ext. 127)
Hannah Cyrus, Digital Media Librarian (ext. 120)
Paul Nicklas, Reference & Inter-Library Loan Librarian (ext. 109)
Lynn Harlan, Reference Librarian (ext. 126)

Michele Brosseau, Children’s Department Head
Anna Fleming, Teen Services Librarian (ext. 111)
Shane Layman, Youth Services Librarian (ext. 111)
Maryann Lanzikos, Youth Services Librarian (ext. 111)
Savannah Barlow, Youth Services Librarian (ext. 111)
Jody Smith, Assistant II Children’s Librarian (ext. 111)
Diana Plummer, Assistant II Children’s Librarian (ext. 111)

Greta Schroeder, Local History Librarian (ext. 106)
Elizabeth Stevens, Assistant to Local History (ext. 103)

Patrick Layne, Technical Services Department Head (ext. 118)
Kelly Connell,  First Assistant, Technical Services (ext. 121)
Tania Erickson, First Assistant, Acquisitions (ext. 117)
Sarah Whitten, First Assistant, Periodicals (ext. 119)

Matt Brown, Network Administrator (ext. 102)
Shavaun Rigler, Director, Development & Public Relations (ext.130)
Tina Hustus, Business Manager (ext. 128)

Roland Grover, Maintenance Dept. Head (ext. 154)
Frederick Lawrence,  Maintenance (ext. 154)
Nathaniel Russ,
Maintenance (ext. 154) Ellen Brawn, Maintenance (ext. 154)