Robin Anne Beattie Horty

The Magic of Believing

Exhibit Location: Cyr Gallery

Notes: Robin’s photographs are for sale.  Please stop by the reference desk for more information.

About Robin and Her Work

I live in a garden on the north side of a small mountain in Hope with a Wizard and three dogs. I am a gardener, grandmother, costume designer and poet. I am not a professional photographer, but simply a woman with a camera tucked into her tool belt documenting her gardens over the course of forty-plus years.

17 years ago, upon the impending arrival of our first three granddaughters, I began stitching together mostly recycled fabrics, ribbons: laces, bells, silk flowers, and bows, creating a series of wearable gardens for children in the guise of fairy dresses.  As my gardens expanded, the children multiplied, and my collection of costumes did too.

My first camera was a slim 1970s Kodak Pocket Instamatic 40 that used rolls of 110 film, 12 or 24 exposures. In the 80’s I purchased a sturdy metal-bodied Pentax which I still have, followed by a couple of small digital Nikons lost long ago to who knows where. These days I use my iPhone.

The photographs in this show are printed on fine art paper; they were taken in my gardens, surrounding woodlands, and blueberry barrens. The children in these images are just as they were, spontaneous, uninhibited, and unposed.

Visit Robin on her Website and Blog; Home Place Fairies.

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